MLB Draft 2018: Dates, draft order, top prospects, how to watch

The 2018 MLB Draft takes place from June 4-6 in Secaucus, N.J. The Detroit Tigers, who finished 2017 with a record of 64-98, will make the first selection in this year’s draft.

Braves: The Braves are in a situation similar to the one in Philadelphia. They’re going through a rebuilding process, and they’re likely (hopefully?) entering the upswing portion of that process and heading toward legitimate contention by next year at the latest. And they, too, have a lot of solid, high-upside young pitchers who could become rotation-impact guys. But Archer offers a lot more certainty, and he’s the type of star a team can build a playoff contender around. Plus, having Archer in their rotation would be the kind of drawing card a team playing in a still-new stadium would crave.

Brewers: Milwaukee is a better team now than it was at the start of the offseason, no doubt. But that rotation still needs work. The Brewers reportedly made an offer to Yu Darvish, which shows they’re serious about improving the pitching staff. At this point, after sending a nice prospect package to Miami in the trade for Christian Yelich, it seems more likely that they’d spend money on a free agent (Arrieta, Lance Lynn or Alex Cobb) than spend more prospect capital on Archer. But don’t count them out.

Asked if the dugouts got on her at any point, she replied with a laugh, “Not that I could hear.”

It marked the first time Pawol, 41, had worked a game involving a major-league team. “Discovered” at a baseball clinic in 2015 after more than a decade of umpiring NCAA Division I baseball and softball, she worked last season in the Single-A New York-Penn League. (According to CBS Sports, Emma Charlesworth-Seiler, who spent last summer calling rookie-level Gulf Coast League games, is the other female umpire in organized ball.)

“Unbelievable,” Pawol said afterward. “Just really excited now that I got through it. It took like three years’ worth of professional work to get here. I went out there pretty confident and I feel pretty good how the day went. … I just told the guys (on the umpiring crew) to go have fun today and we will be there for each other, and that’s what happened.”buccaneers_029

MLBPA union head Tony Clark sounds off on tanking, pace of play

Tony Clark is apparently unhappy with both MLB and its commissioner.

Rob Manfred instituted new rules for pace of play in recent weeks and ruled the Marlins and Pirates were in compliance with the collective bargaining agreement’s revenue sharing provisions despite the Major League Baseball Players’ Association’s concerns over the club’s offseason moves and their motivation to win.

“The thing I got from it the most was that the commissioner can do whatever he wants, essentially, whether we agree to it or not,” Jameson Taillon, who is the Pirates’ new union representative, said. “As players we’re really concerned about changing the fabric of the game.”

Neither the union, nor the players are happy with what is going on in the current age of baseball which could have some serious ramifications on the 2018 season. It remains to be seen just how it will have an effect, but there could be some momentum building for heated arguments in the next CBA which is scheduled to be negotiated in 2021.

While Hal Steinbrenner doesn’t necessarily like being the bad guy, he is fine with his team being viewed that way.

After the Yankees acquired former Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton, New York is once again being called “The Evil Empire” and Steinbrenner doesn’t hate it.

Still, the Yankees did what any team would do in the situation they were put in. The Marlins wanted to get rid of Stanton and his contract and the Yankees had the means to get it done. It may not smell great, but it was perfectly legal and put the Yankees in a great position with their lineup this season.

“There are at least ten guys out there who can help you win a championship, and they’re not in the game,” Jansen said. “Obviously, something’s going on. We all know what’s going on in baseball. Every year there’s tanking. It’s obvious. They just made it more obvious this year.

“Teams need to say, ‘let’s put together something that’s competitive.’ And that doesn’t mean making a run for two or three years, then trading everyone when you’re making a lot of money.”seahawks_124_c1cf13ba9242858b-180x180

The Miami Dolphins were quick to apply the franchise tag to Jarvis Landry in February, but the wide receiver won’t be playing in South Beach in 2018.

Instead, he was traded to the Cleveland Browns for two draft picks Friday:

A messy divorce was likely inevitable. By trading him away, the Dolphins get some immediate compensation for the receiver and can move on with an offense that needed a ton of rebuilding anyway.

With a long list of draft picks in 2018 — including the No. 1 and No. 4 selections, and three second-round picks — the Browns need to start turning those chips into talent that will win football games.

Hurst had to miss?Combine workouts because of concerns about a heart condition , but there is?optimism he will?be cleared to show off his wares?at Michigan’s Pro Day on March 23. When 4-3 teams have that workout to go with the tape, they’ll see why he’s such a high-upside inside pass-rusher. Coach Dan Quinn would love to add another attacker like Hurst, ideal for the three technique.

There’s a growing feeling the Saints will bring back Jimmy Graham as a free agent, so that decision will have an impact on how early they address this position of need. Regardless, Goedert might?be the best player available, and Graham will turn 32 in November. On the surface, Goedert is built like Rob Gronkowski with the skill set of Zach Ertz.

Lawrence, 25, had nine sacks in the first three seasons of his NFL career before breaking out with 14.5 sacks during a Pro Bowl year in 2017. Only Arizona Cardinals pass rusher Chandler Jones finished with more sacks by racking up 17.

It was the first double-digit sack season for the Cowboys in four years and the fourth-best total in franchise history behind 20-, 19.5-, and 15.5-sack seasons put up by DeMarcus Ware .

Lawrence will earn more than $17 million in 2018 if he plays under the tag. But the Cowboys will have a little more than four months to agree to a multi-year deal with the defensive end.

Ramirez put up a .361 OBP in 2015, his best campaign with the Red Sox. He stole nine bases and was caught three times. That’s a 75 percent success rate, just below the 80 percent that standard sabermetric reasoning states is needed for going for steals to be worth it (and that number may be low). At a 75 percent rate, Ramirez would need to run 40 times to snag 30 bags.seahawks_120_bf61fe15fd391e59-180x180

Robinson will be fully healthy from the torn ACL he suffered in September just in time for free agency in March.

The New Jersey Devils will raise No. 26 to the rafters on Saturday night before their game against the New York Islanders, retiring the number of winger Patrik Elias. He’s the all-time franchise leader in goals (408) and points (1,025), having won Stanley Cups with the Devils in 2000 and 2003.

We caught up with Elias recently in Newark to talk about his career, the NHL and that time the career Devil nearly bolted for the rival Rangers.

Elias: I didn’t. It was given to me. We really didn’t have a choice of numbers. I had a couple of numbers before that, and every time someone was traded here that wore the number that I had, I had to give it up. I was a rookie, obviously. I would have worn No. 24. I had that as a kid, a little bit in the minors. But No. 26 is me. No. 24 is no more. It went out of the window pretty quickly.

It will take more work to overhaul an overtaxed secondary. The 49ers will have to hope safeties Jimmie Ward and Jaquiski Tartt are ready to be the foundation of the franchise’s last line of defense, as Eric Reid seems destined to depart as a free agent. Those two combined for only 16 games in 2017, so some of the team’s defensive deficiencies can be explained by their frequent absences.

The Lions also retained Jim Bob Cooter as their offensive coordinator, which is good news because 1) he’s good and 2) he’s got the best name in the NFL. Patricia can take his lessons learned from the almighty Belichick, and perhaps help the Lions end their 26-year playoff win drought.

Everyone knows he can be a big-play and red-zone beast if right, as evidenced by his 1,400-yard, 14-TD season in 2015. The question is whether he will round back into his best form, given his numbers dipped with a shakier Blake Bortles in 2016. Jacksonville has a ton of money and is a good bet to franchise tag (at worst) such a young, talented, all-around wideout.

Landry looks like he’s about to walk away from Miami. He remains a high-volume slot machine after leading the league in catches last season. He’ll get the massive deal he wants elsewhere, and a lot of teams will line up with Robinson likely off the market.patriots_032