Arthur Blank: “No need to worry” about Matt Ryan extension

Falcons owner Arthur Blank is about to write a very large check to Matt Ryan. But it’s worth remembering that Blank also receives many much larger checks, so perhaps that’s why he’s so calm.

Blank told Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he wasn’t panicked at all about the pace of the negotiations with the former MVP quarterback.

The end result is Kidd-Gilchrist standing around the perimeter, scrounging on cuts, offensive boards, and manic transition sprints. No one guards him.

That does not make Kidd-Gilchrist useless. The Hornets have generally played better, even on offense, with Kidd-Gilchrist on the floor. He is a plus defender across four positions, even if he hasn’t developed into the unshakeable stopper we all envisioned. He has hit 47 percent of shots between 10 and 16 feet from the hoop, a solid number.

But those shots aren’t worth enough to matter. The damage Kidd-Gilchrist inflicts on Charlotte’s spacing — and his presence as a safe hiding spot for sieves — outweighs the occasional midrange swish and all his expert mooching. He would be a more interesting player if Charlotte gave him a little added on-ball responsibility — even some touches at the elbow.

Butler told Sports Illustrated that he wanted to ask Belichick or defensive coordinator Matt Patricia to explain why, after playing every snap of the AFC Championship Game, he didn’t play a single snap on defense in the Super Bowl.

“There was times when I was on the sideline and I just wanted to go up and say to Belichick or Matt Patricia and just say, ‘Is this how we’re gonna end this?’ I grew up in the Patriots system and I’m a man of God. I respect my authority and I just couldn’t ask them for something they didn’t want to do. I just was doing my job. I was close to going up there and saying what I wanted to say to Matt or Belichick, but I just stayed in my lane and just did my job. And I really wanted to go ask him, but I didn’t,” Butler said.bills_054